circular chemistry
can save the world.

Inopsys provides on-site mobile & modular side stream solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, to purify water or solvents and recover valuable components.


we believe in circles.

The world is confronted with water scarcity and water pollution. Industrial processes generate hazardous and toxic side streams. Millions of tons of these streams are considered as waste and are thus transported and incinerated. That's where Inopsys makes the difference, ensuring that side streams are no longer regarded as waste, but as a product that can be reused

Inopsys’ main focus is the recuperation of valuable compounds such as metals (Palladium, Platinum, Zinc, Vanadium, …), solvents, and of course clean water. In addition, global surface water quality is impacted by pharmaceuticals in the environment, endocrine disrupting chemicals, PFAS, … Through our R&D activities, we actively invest in research that brings solutions for this challenge of the future.

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