plant-on-a-truck • Inopsys



main features:

  • Zinc recuperation
  • Water purification
  • BBAE (Belgian Business Award for the Environment)

Our very first project was in collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceutica and was named 'plant-on-a-truck'. This mobile and modular unit made it possible for the company to purify a complex sidestream on-site. This more specifically means we purify the water for biological treatment and also, we recover an important catalyst. For the production of Invokana® (canagliflozine) medicine, for example, we recover Zinc.

A significant amount of unnecessary waste has already been avoided, thanks to this project. In fact, per ton of water, 1 ton less CO2 is emitted by the implementation of this solution. The recovered Zinc is reused by the company Nyrstar as a raw material in the Zinc production process.


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