Palladium recovery

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Palladium recovery


  • Palladium recovery
  • Water and solvent purification
  • Circular business case 

This modular unit purifies industrial process water and recuperates a valuable raw material, namely Palladium (Pd). It is a well-known catalyst in chemical and pharmaceutical processes, for example in the exhaust gas systems of cars. This metal knows a high value because of its scarcity. Inopsys developed an efficient and innovative on-site solution for the customer’s challenge where we are now able to recover the Pd and purify the water or solvent stream.

The installation consists of two modules: the first module adapts the pH via CO2 injection, the second unit captures the Pd present in the side stream. We operate the unit via remote control and we make sure the side stream is treated according to the specifications. 

Our customer enjoys the implementation of a circular business case, reduces costs, and avoids destructive waste handling, only by choosing the right solution.


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