SuMEMS • Inopsys

Sustainable membrane technology-based solutions for solvent-rich process streams

The SuMEMS project focused on the challenges related to solvent-rich wastewater streams and led to implementable solutions for API and Pd removal. The focus is now on the development of innovative solutions for the largely unexplored treatment and recovery possibilities of process streams such as mother liquors and waste organic solvents by using sustainable membrane technology. The aim is to lower the waste-to-product ratio and energy use in the life cycle of a pharmaceutical or chemical product. In times of resource scarcity and climate change, a shift to a circular economy is of paramount importance to safeguard the quality of life for future generations.

The goals of this project are to limit and valorize waste streams to facilitate a shift to a circular economy. The project provides pharmaceutical and chemical companies with fundamental insights into the possibilities of waste limitation and recovery. The involved partners gained a competitive advantage by being at the forefront of increased sustainability in solvent-intensive production


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