100km Kom Op Tegen Kanker Run

100km Kom Op Tegen Kanker Run

InOpSys Raises Funds for Cancer Research with 100km Run Participation

March 17, 2024

Mechelen, Belgium - InOpSys NV, a leading environmental technology company, made a significant contribution to cancer research by participating in the 100km Run event. Fielding two teams, InOpSys successfully raised €5500 in support of cancer research initiatives.

The 100km Run, a unique running event where teams cover 100 kilometers collectively, aims to raise funds for cancer research. Each team was required to raise €2750 in start-up funds, with InOpSys exceeding this target with the participation of two teams.

"We're proud to have taken part in the 100km Run and contributed to such a worthy cause," said Steven De Laet, CEO at InOpSys NV. "Our teams' dedication underscores our commitment to supporting cancer research and making a positive impact in our community."

InOpSys's participation in the 100km Run reflects its dedication to corporate social responsibility and its belief in the importance of supporting cancer research efforts. Through their involvement, they aim to raise awareness about cancer and contribute towards funding vital research initiatives.

As the teams from InOpSys hit the track, they carry with them the spirit of determination and solidarity in the fight against cancer. Their participation in the 100km Run serves as a testament to their commitment to social responsibility and making a positive difference in the community.


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