ED-XRF device

ED-XRF device

Inopsys and analytical chemistry, it’s a match!

Besides our UPLC-MS and UV-VIS devices, we are expanding our in-house analysis panel with a third device. We welcome a brand new ED-XRF device (NEX DE) from Rigaku. This is how we take a resolute step in the fast implementation of analytical chemistry at InOpSys.

This device is suitable for measuring elements from Sodium to Uranium in solids, liquids, alloys, powders and thin films. XRF, also called X-ray fluorescence, works by exciting the electrons in atoms. This creates a change in energy, unique to each element, which gets then detected by the detector. With this technique, the InOpSys R&D team can support internal projects and provide our service to customers even better and more specifically.

Along with this device, we also welcome our new colleague Dr. Alexander Anyushin. He enthusiastically takes care of analytical chemistry within InOpSys. Welcome Alex!

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