Students Jules De Waele and Arnauld Van De Velde

Welcome Jules & Arnauld

Inopsys is happy to announce that we have two new R&D colleagues: our internship students Jules and Arnauld. 

Jules De Waele is a Chemical engineering student at KU Leuven (Ghent), almost ready to start his professional career. The only thing he still needs for a degree is to complete his Master’s thesis. Well, we at Inopsys have a lot of exciting research challenges that can’t wait to be solved! For instance, in the Ecoremedi project where we remove EDC (endocrine disrupting compounds) from wastewater using novel caging technology combined with AOP (advanced oxidation processes). Jules’s part in this project will be related to the removal of EDC precursor molecules using ozonation, to prevent them from turning into EDC in the natural environment. The crux here will be to monitor and remove the dissolved ozone: you can’t have ozone present in the following treatment stages. As you can see, we supply Jules with a lot of questions, and are looking forward to his answers!  

Arnauld Van de Velde is a future lab work expert, and right now a chemistry student of Karel de Grote High School in Antwerpen. For his industrial internship, he chose Inopsys, which is of course flattering for us! On our side, we provide him with a tight-knit R&D team, a well-organized lab, and fund research to improve his skills. Arnauld is working on another part of the Ecoremedi project: removal of EDC and EDC precursors using different adsorbents, including the intriguing caging agent. This includes batch and column adsorption experiments, as well as in-house spectrophotometric analyses. Additionally, he will be studying the fundamental parameters of the adsorption process via static dialysis technique. 

Apart from being passionate about chemistry, Jules and Arnauld have one other thing in common: they are both avid surfers! Not a very obvious sport choice for native Belgians, but very exciting, especially because it allows us to say that they truly ride the wave of circular chemistry! 


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