Pioneering Founding Member of KIS vzw

InOpSys Proudly Joins as Founding Member of KIS vzw: Pioneering Innovative Remediation

InOpSys: Pioneering Founding Member of KIS vzw Spearheading Innovative Remediation

InOpSys is proud to be a founding member of KIS vzw.

Flanders has established the Knowledge Center for Innovative Remediation Techniques (Kenniscentrum Innovatieve Saneringstechnieken - KIS vzw) with the goal of becoming a leader in addressing and remediating chemical pollution in soil, water, and air. This new organization operates in a novel field and is primarily tasked with developing, testing, elaborating, and scaling up innovative remediation and purification techniques within the domains of water, air, and soil. The Flemish Government approved this initiative just before the recess, and all members have now elected the governing body. This knowledge center is expected to be operational by January 1, 2024.

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